The Bible Condensed

 This is a guide to help you read the Bible     
            from beginning to end,  
            as one continuous story.

 The scripture texts are condensed
            because the Bible is a huge book
            and a formidable read for most of us.

 Using a daily reading plan 
            allows you to take a small amount of Scripture
            into your heart and mind,
            and then carry it with you in your thoughts
            throughout the day.

                                                                 To begin, click here

 Whether you read the Bible
           every day,
           once a week,
           or whenever you are able or think about it,
          you can use this guide.

 I recommend that you start at the beginning
            with Genesis and Day 1
            and read as long as time allows or until you are full. 
            Then next time you read 
            just pick up where you left off.