Week 22   Day 7


One of the rewards

            of returning to God

            is joy 

and worship becomes

            a celebration 

burnt offerings were for

            the atonement of their sins 

the additional offerings

            were performed

            out of pure joy

            and thanksgiving.



One of the things about joy

            is that it has to be shared   

we cannot keep it

            to ourselves


So Hezekiah invited everyone

            to come and experience

            the joy and excitement

            of worship

            in the temple of the Lord God of Israel


Don't be stiff-necked 




Return to the Lord 

           to Jerusalem 

           to the temple 

God is gracious and merciful 

God will return to you.




                                MUSIC AND WORSHIP
        It was so good, they decided to invite all Israel.
                                  II Chronicles 29 & 30


     20Hezekiah rose early and went to the house of the Lord. 

24To make an atonement for all Israel, the king commanded

that the burnt offering and sin offering be made for all Israel. 

25He stationed the Levites with cymbals, with stringed

instruments, and with harps.  26The Levites stood with the

instruments of David, and the priests with the trumpets. 

     27Then Hezekiah commanded them to offer the burnt

offering on the altar.  When the burnt offering began, the song

of the Lord also began, with the trumpets and the instruments. 

28So all the assembly worshiped, the singers sang, and the

trumpeters sounded; all this continued until the burnt offering

was finished.  29The king and all who were present bowed and

worshiped.  30King Hezekiah and the leaders commanded the

Levites to sing praise to the Lord with the words of David and

of Asaph the seer.  So they sang praises with gladness, and

they bowed their heads and worshiped.

     1Hezekiah sent to all Israel and Judah, and also wrote

letters to Ephraim and Manasseh, that they should come to the

house of the Lord in Jerusalem, to keep the Passover.  2For

the king and his leaders and all the assembly had agreed to

keep the Passover in the second month.  3They could not

keep it at the regular time, because a sufficient number of

priests had not consecrated themselves, nor had the people

gathered together at Jerusalem.  45They resolved to make a

proclamation throughout all Israel, from Beersheba to Dan,

that they should come to keep the Passover to the Lord at

Jerusalem, since they had not done so for a long time.

     6Runners went throughout all Israel and Judah with the

letters from the king and his leaders, and spoke according to

the command of the king:  "Children of Israel, return to the

Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel; then He will return

to the remnant of you who have escaped from the hand of

the kings of Assyria.  7Do not be like your fathers.  8Do not

be stiff-necked, but yield yourselves to the Lord; and enter

His sanctuary, which He has sanctified forever, and serve 

your God.  9For if you return to the Lord, your children will

be treated with compassion by those who lead them captive,

so that they may come back to this land; the Lord  is

gracious and merciful, and will not turn His face from you

if you return to Him."
            This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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