Week 6  Day 2

A much-needed victory
      there is nothing like success
      to boost confidence.

A much-needed lesson
      Moses learned about
      leadership through delegation.

Moses was teachable
      he could listen to his father-in-law
            and learn from him
            without being defensive.

                           Victories over enemies and fatigue.
Exodus l7 & 18

    8Amalek came and fought with Israel in Rephidim. 9Moses
said to Joshua, "Choose some men and go fight with Amalek. 
Tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of
in my hand."  10Joshua did as Moses said, and fought
Amalek.  Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top
of the hill. 
11So it was, when Moses held up his hand, that
prevailed; when he let down his hand, Amalek

    12But Moses' hands became heavy; so they took a stone
and he sat on it.  Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one
one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands
steady until the going down of the sun.  13So Joshua
Amalek and his people.  15And Moses built an
altar and
called its name, The-Lord-Is-My-Banner.
    2Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, took Zipporah, Moses' wife,
3with her two sons, of whom the name of one was Gershom
and the other was Eliezer; and Jethro came to Moses in the
wilderness, where he was encamped at the mountain of
 8Moses told his father-in-law all that the Lord had
done to
Pharaoh and the Egyptians, all the hardship that
had come
upon them on the way, and how the Lord had
delivered them.

    13On the next day, Moses sat to judge the people, and
the people stood before Moses from morning until evening.
14When Moses' father-in-law saw all that he did, he said,
"What is this thing that you are doing for the people? 
do you alone sit, and all the people stand before you
morning until evening?"  15Moses said, "Because the
come to me to inquire of God.  16When they have
a difficulty,
they come to me, and I judge between one
and another; and
make known the statutes of God and
His laws."

    17Moses' father-in-law said to him, "The thing that you
is not good.  19Listen to my voice.  21Select from the
able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating
and place them to be rulers of thousands,
rulers of hundreds,
rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.  22Let
them judge the people
at all times.  Every great matter they
shall bring to you; but
every small matter they shall judge. 
It will be easier for you,
for they will bear the burden with
you.  23 If you do this, and
God so commands, you will be
able to endure, and all this
people will go to their place in
peace."  24So Moses heeded
the voice of his father-in-law
and did all that he had said.

                         This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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