In the second month of the second year
    of their coming 
to Jerusalem,
Zerubbabel, Jeshua, the rest of their brethren,
    and all those who had come out of the captivity,
began work 
and appointed the Levites
    from twenty years old and above
    to oversee the work of the house of the Lord. 

When the builders laid the foundation of the temple,
    the priests stood in their apparel
               with trumpets,
          and the 
sons of Asaph
               with cymbals,
to praise the Lord, according 
to the ordinance
    of David king of Israel.  

They sang responsively,
praising and giving thanks to the Lord: 

            "For He is good,
His mercy endures forever toward Israel."

                                             --- Ezra 3:8-11