Week 24   Day 5


The signs of revival in the rebuilt city were



            and the celebration of worship.



Learn a lesson from the captivity experience 

            when you sin

            you will suffer 

Change your ways 

Dedicate yourselves to being God's people

            in deed

            as well as in name 

It's not enough to know the law 

            we must do it.




Separate yourselves! 

The issue was

            how do you deal with evil 

            how do you live so that

                        you won't sin 

Nehemiah promoted separation 

            stay with your fellow Jews 

            don't intermarry with those

                        who don't believe

                        in your God.




           We were disobedient and full of sin; forgive us.
                                     Nehemiah 9 & 10


     26"Our ancestors were disobedient and rebelled,

     Cast Your law behind their backs and killed Your prophets.

     27Therefore You delivered them to their enemies.

     When they returned and cried out to You, many times

     28You delivered them according to your mercies.


     30"For many years You had patience with them,

     And testified against them by Your Spirit and Your prophets.

     31Yet they would not listen; nevertheless in Your great mercy

     You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them;

     For You are God, gracious and merciful.


     33You are just in all that has befallen us.

     You have dealt faithfully; we have done wickedly.

     36The land You gave to our fathers, to eat its fruit and bounty--

     Here we are, servants in it!  Because of all this,

     38We make a sure covenant and seal it."


    28Everyone who had knowledge and understanding 29joined

with their brethren and entered into an oath to walk in God's

Law, and observe and do all the commandments.  30We would

not give our daughters as wives to the peoples of the land, nor

take their daughters for our sons; 31 if the peoples of the land

brought wares or any grain to sell on the Sabbath day, we would

not buy it on the Sabbath, or any holy day; and we would forego

the seventh year's produce and the exacting of every debt.

     32We made ordinances for ourselves, to exact yearly one-third

of a shekel for the service of the house of our God.  34We cast

lots among the priests, the Levites, and the people for bringing

the wood offering at the appointed times year by year, to burn

on the altar of the Lord as it is written in the Law.

     35We made ordinances to bring the firstfruits of our ground,

36and the firstborn of our sons and our cattle, as it is written in

the Law, 37to bring the firstfruits of our dough, our offerings,

the fruit from all kinds of trees, the new wine and oil, to the

storerooms of the house of our God; and to bring the tithes

of our land to the Levites. 

     38The Levites shall bring up a tenth of the tithes to the

house of our God, to the rooms of the storehouse.  39We will

not neglect the house of our God.
              This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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