Job said: "Today my complaint is bitter;
        my hand 
is listless because of my groaning.  
   Oh, that I knew where I 
might find Him!
   I would present my case, and fill my mouth 

        with arguments.

   "I go forward, but He is not there.  
   Backward, but I cannot 
perceive Him.
   He works on the left, and I cannot behold Him;

   when He turns to the right, I cannot see Him.

   But He knows 
the way that I take;
        when He has tested me,
        I shall come forth 
as gold.
   My foot has held fast to His steps;
   I have kept His 
way and not turned aside.  
   I have treasured the words of 
His mouth
        more than my necessary food."

                                                  --- Job 23:1-12