Week 12  Day 2

the stories in the scriptures today reflect on
                                   deciding and delaying
                                 preparing and putting off

how do we make decisions and follow up on them
                                   wanting to be decisive
                            yet holding out for alternatives

given the stories in the scriptures we have to decide
                                       even not deciding
                                    is eventually to decide

Joshua called upon his people to decide whom they would serve
                                             the true God
                      or the territorial gods of their neighbors

                     he left no doubt that to choose one road
                         leaves some other paths untraveled |

                                  whom do we hold on to
                                     what do we let go of



                                                 YES SIR!

A History Lesson from Abraham to the Present. Remember it!

                                                Joshua 24          


    1Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel to Shechem and 
2said, "Thus says the Lord God of Israel: 'Your fathers dwelt on 
the other side of the River in old times and served other gods.  
3Then I took your father Abraham, led him throughout all the 
land of Canaan, and gave him Isaac. 4To Isaac I gave Jacob 
and Esau.  To Esau I gave the mountains of Seir to possess, 
but Jacob and his children went down to Egypt.  5 I sent Moses 
and Aaron, and I plagued Egypt, and brought you out. 

   6'The Egyptians pursued with chariots and horsemen to the 
Red Sea.  7So they cried out to the Lord, and He put darkness 
between you and the Egyptians, brought the sea upon them, 
and covered them.  Then you dwelt in the wilderness a long 
time.  8The Amorites, on the other side of the Jordan, fought 
with you.  But I gave them into your hand.  11You went over 
the Jordan and came to Jericho.  The men of Jericho fought 
against you--also the Amorites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hittites, 
Girgashites, Hivites, and Jebusites.  But I delivered them into 
your hand.  13 I have given you a land for which you did not 
labor, and cities which you did not build, and you dwell in 
them; you eat of the vineyards and olive groves.'
    14"Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and 
in truth.  15Choose for yourselves this day whom you will 
serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were 
on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, 
in whose land you dwell.  But as for me and my house, we 
will serve the Lord."  16So the people answered and said: 
"Far be it from us that we should serve other gods."
    23"Now," Joshua said, "Put away the foreign gods which 
are among you, and incline your heart to the Lord God of 
Israel."  24The people said to Joshua, "His voice we will obey!" 
25So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day in 
Shechem.  26Joshua wrote these words in the Book of the Law. 
He took a large stone, and set it under the oak that was by the 
sanctuary of the Lord.  27"Behold, this stone shall be a witness 
to us, lest you deny your God."  28So Joshua let the people 
depart, each to his own inheritance. 

    29After these things Joshua died, being one hundred and 
ten years old.  31 Israel served the Lord all the days of the 
elders who outlived Joshua.   And the bones of Joseph they 
buried at Shechem. 
             This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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