Week 18   Day 3


When you look back at Israel's first three kings 
and everything they did for their nation

            you would certainly say Solomon

            was the great one 

But as we read on 

            we learn that was not the case 

David was the great one

            in God's eyes 

Future kings are compared

            and contrasted to David 

David is the standard God sets up 

This is what God wants all kings to be like.



David had been a man of the heart

He told us God 

            searches every heart 

            knows every thought 

            understands every motive


The heart is also the seat of love 

            for God and for each other

Could it be that David's sins 

            are not held against him 

            because he loved God

            the way he did?



God has a selective memory! 

When there is no repentance

            God remembers sin 

When there is repentance 

            God forgives and forgets the sin. 




                                  SIN AND DESTRUCTION

Egypt attacked Jerusalem and carried off the temple treasures.
                                           I Kings 14 & 15


     1Abijah the son of Jeroboam became sick.  17The child

died,  18and all Israel mourned for him.  20The period that

Jeroboam reigned was twenty-two years.      

     21Rehoboam the son of Solomon reigned in Judah.  He

was forty-one years old when he became king.  He reigned

seventeen years in Jerusalem.

     22Now Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord, and they

provoked Him to jealousy with their sins, they committed

more than all that their fathers had done.  23For they also

built high places, sacred pillars, and wooden images on every

high hill and under every green tree.  24There were perverted

persons in the land, who did according to the abominations

of the nations which the Lord had cast out before the children

of Israel. 

     25 In the fifth year of king Rehoboam, Shishak king of

Egypt came up against Jerusalem.  26He took the treasures

of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the king's house;

he took away everything.  He also took away all the gold

shields which Solomon had made. 

    27Then Rehoboam made bronze shields in their place, and

committed them to the hands of the captains of the guard, who

guarded the doorway of the king's house. 

    30There was war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam all their

days.  31So Rehoboam rested with his fathers, and was buried

in the City of David. 

    Then Abijam his son reigned in his place. 1 In the eighteenth

year of king Jeroboam, Abijam became king over Judah.  2He

reigned three years in Jerusalem.  3He walked in all the sins

of his father; his heart was not loyal to the Lord his God as

was the heart of his father David.  4Nevertheless for David's

sake the Lord gave him a lamp in Jerusalem, by setting up his

son after him and by establishing Jerusalem; 5because David

did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, and had not turned

aside from anything that He commanded him all the days of

his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. 

     7Now the rest of the acts of Abijam, are they not written

in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah?  And

there was war between Abijam and Jeroboam. 

     8So Abijam rested with his fathers, and they buried him

in the City of David.  Then Asa his son reigned in his place.
           This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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