Week 10  Day 7

The king must read
God's law
        and obey it
        each day

If that's good
for a king
       it must
       be good
       for all of us.

Provision will be made
      for those who kill
      another person
There will be cities of refuge
      to protect the innocent

Capital punishment will be practiced
      as a means to eliminate
      evil from the land.

                                  WHEN YOU ENTER THAT LAND
  Crowning a king, shunning cults, protecting the innocent.
                                    Deuteronomy 17, 18 & 19

    14"When you come to the land the Lord your God is giving
you, and dwell in it, and say, 'I will set a king over me like the
nations around me,' 15you shall surely set a king over you
the Lord your God chooses; one from among your
brethren; you
may not set a foreigner over you.  16He shall
not multiply horses
for himself, nor cause the people to return
to Egypt to multiply
horses, for the Lord has said, 'You shall not
return that way
again.'  17Neither shall he multiply wives for
himself; nor shall
he greatly multiply silver and gold for himself.

    18"When he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write
a copy of this law in a book.  19He shall read it all the days of
his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God and be
to observe all the words of this law and these statutes,
20that his
heart may not be lifted above his brethren, and he
may not turn
aside from the commandment to the right hand
or to the left.
    9"When you come into the land, you shall not
learn to follow
the abominations of those nations.  10There
shall not be found
among you anyone who makes his son or
his daughter pass
through the fire, or one who practices
witchcraft, or a soothsayer,
or one who interprets omens,or
a sorcerer, 11or one who
conjures spells, or a medium, or a
spiritist, or one who calls up
the dead.  14For these nations
which you will dispossess listened
to soothsayers and diviners;
but as for you, the Lord Your God
has not appointed such
for you.

    2"Separate three cities for yourself in the midst of your land.
3You shall prepare roads, that any manslayer may flee there.
4And this is the case of the manslayer who flees there, that
may live:  Whoever kills his neighbor unintentionally-- 5as
a man goes to the woods with his neighbor to cut timber
and his
hand swings a stroke with the ax to cut down the tree,
and the
head slips from the handle and strikes the neighbor so
that he
dies--he shall flee to one of these cities and live; 6 lest
avenger of blood, while his anger is hot, pursue the
and overtake him, because the way is long, and
kill him, though
he was not deserving of death.  7Therefore
I command you,
'You shall separate three cities for yourself.'

    11"But if anyone hates his neighbor, and strikes him mortally,
and he flees to one of these cities, 12then the elders of his city
shall bring him from there, and deliver him to the avenger, that
he may die.  13You shall put away the guilt of innocent blood.'' 
                             This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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