In the morning, they bound Jesus,
 led Him away, and 
delivered Him to Pilate.  
 Pilate asked,
         "Are You the King of the Jews?"  
         He answered, "It is as you say."  

 The chief priests . . . stirred up the crowd. 
 Pilate asked, 
        "What do you want me to do with  
         Him called the King of the Jews?"

 So they cried out,
                  "Crucify Him!"  
 Then Pilate 
said to them,
          "Why, what evil has He done?"  
 But they cried out all the more,
                   "Crucify Him!"  

 So Pilate, wanting to gratify the crowd,
 delivered Jesus, after he had scourged Him,
                   to be crucified.

                                        --- Mark 15:1-15