Week 49   Day 5



            faith is

                        a way of seeing 

                        not only what is 

                        but what still can be in Jesus 


                        it is a way of seeing 

                        that which is not yet 

                        as though it already were 


                        it is a way of seeing 

                        that which is hoped for 

                        as though it were becoming reality 


                        it is a way of seeing 

                        looking beyond the crisis to the Christ 

                        trusting God for the future as though it were already here 


                                    and there are consequences

                                    to that way of seeing 

                                    we respond differently


                                                when we hope 

                                                when we believe

                                                when we pray


            we want to see 

            we need to see 

                        not only what is 

                        but what still can be in Jesus






                                  MORE STORIES OF FAITH

Live as though God's promises have already been accomplished.

                                                Hebrews 11


    20By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau about things to come.

    21By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons

of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff.

    22By faith Joseph, when he was dying, made mention of the

departure of Israel, and gave instructions concerning his bones.

    23By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months

by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and

they were not afraid of the king's command.

    24By faith Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's

daughter, 25choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people

of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin, 26esteeming

the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt;

for he looked to the reward.

    27By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the

king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.  28By faith

he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood, lest he who

destroyed the firstborn would touch them.

    29By faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land,

whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drowned.

    30By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after seven days. 

31By faith the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did

not believe, when she had received the spies with peace.

    32What more shall I say?  Time would fail me to tell of

Gideon and Barak and Samson and Jephthah, also of David

and Samuel and the prophets:  33who through faith subdued

kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped

the mouths of lions, 34quenched the violence of fire, escaped

the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, and

became valiant in battle to turn the armies of the aliens. 

    35Others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they

might obtain a better resurrection.  36Still others had trial of

mockings and scourging, yes, and of chains and imprisonment. 

37They were stoned, they were sawn in two, were tempted,

were slain with the sword.  They wandered about in sheepskins

and goatskins, being  destitute, afflicted, tormented, 38--of

whom the world was not worthy.   They wandered in deserts

and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth.   

    39All these, having obtained a good testimony through faith,

did not receive the promise, 40God having provided something

better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.
               This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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