Week 28   Day 5


Notice how different in tone

            the Preacher in Ecclesiastes is

            compared to the Psalms of David 


Whereas David always arrived at

            something to cheer about

the Preacher sees everything as





The best he can say is



                        and try to be happy 


David knew these things

          would never satisfy the soul.




                               ALL IS MEANINGLESS
     Work, wisdom, money, pleasures, righteousness--
                      everything is an empty pursuit.
                                   Ecclesiastes 1 & 2


     1The words of the Preacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem.

2"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity," says the Preacher.

3What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toils?

4One generation passes away, and another generation comes;

But the earth abides forever.  5The sun also rises,

And the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it arose.

6The wind goes toward the south, and turns around to the north;

The wind whirls about continually, and comes again on its circuit.

7All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full;

To the place from which the rivers come, there they return again.

9All things are full of labor; man cannot express it.

The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

9That which has been is what will be, that which is done

Is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

     1 I said in my heart, "Come now, I will test you with mirth;

therefore enjoy pleasure"; but this also was vanity.  2 I said of

laughter--"Madness!"; and of mirth, "What does it accomplish?" 

3 I searched in my heart how to gratify my flesh with wine.

4 I made my works great, I built houses, and planted vineyards. 

5 I made myself gardens and orchards, and planted all kinds of

fruit trees.  6 I made water pools to water trees.  7 I acquired

servants, and had servants born in my house.  I had greater

possessions of herds and flocks than all who were before me.  

8 I gathered silver and gold and special treasures, male and

female singers, the delights of the sons of men, and musical

instruments of all kinds.

     15Then I said, "This also is vanity."  16For there is no

more remembrance of the wise than of the fool forever. 

And how does a wise man die?  As the fool!  17Therefore

I hated life for all is vanity and grasping for the wind.

     18Then I hated all my labor, because I must leave it to

the man who will come after me.  19Who knows whether

he will be wise or a fool?  Yet he will rule over all my labor. 

This also is vanity.  20Therefore I turned my heart and

despaired.  22For what has man for all his labor?  23All his
days are sorrowful, and his work burdensome.
This also is
vanity.  24Nothing is better for a man than that
he should eat
and drink and that his soul should enjoy good
in his labor. 
This also, I saw, was from the hand of God.
         This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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