Week 15  Day 2


Retaliation or Reconciliation

Suspicion or Trust

            Joab chose the former

            David the latter



Retaliation breeds evil and destruction

Reconciliation breeds goodness and peace

            both have lots of children!



David gambled that the way to establish trust

            is first to trust

            to go first and believe


We will never know if David's gamble

would have paid rich dividends

            because Joab intervened.




                                UNFINISHED BUSINESS
                             And another good man died.  
                                              II Samuel 3


     12Abner sent messengers on his behalf to David, saying,

"Whose is the land?  Make your covenant with me, and indeed

my hand shall be with you to bring all Israel to you."  13David

answered, "Good, I will make a covenant with you.  But one

thing I require of you: first bring Michal, Saul's daughter."           

     17Now Abner communicated with the elders of Israel, saying,

"In time past you were seeking for David to be king over you. 

18Now then, do it!"  19Abner also spoke in the hearing of

Benjamin.  Then Abner went to speak in the hearing of David

in Hebron all that seemed good to Israel and the whole house

of Benjamin.

     20So Abner and twenty men with him came to David at

Hebron.  David made a feast for Abner and the men who were

with him.  21Abner said to David, "I will arise and go, and

gather all Israel to my lord the king, that they may make a

covenant with you, and that you may reign over all that your

heart desires."  So David sent Abner away in peace.

     23At that moment the servants of David and Joab came

from a raid and brought much spoil with them.  23When

Joab and the troops had come, they told Joab, saying,

"Abner the son of Ner came to the king, and he sent him

away in peace."  24Then Joab came to the king and said,

"What have you done?  Look, Abner came to you; why is

it that you sent him away?  25Surely you realize that Abner

came to deceive you, and to know all that you are doing."

     26When Joab had gone from David's presence, he sent

messengers after Abner, who brought him back.  But David

did not know it.  27Now when Abner had returned to

Hebron, Joab took him aside to speak with him privately,

and there stabbed him in the stomach, so that he died for

the blood of Asahel his brother.

     28When David heard it, he said, "My kingdom and I are

guiltless before the Lord of the blood of Abner.  29Let it

rest on the head of Joab."  31David said to Joab and to all

the people who were with him, "Tear your clothes, gird

yourselves with sackcloth, and mourn for Abner."            

    38The king said to his servants, "Do you not know that

a prince and a great man has fallen today in Israel?   I am

weak though anointed king; and these sons of Zeruiah, are

too harsh for me.  The Lord shall repay the evildoer."
              This Bible passage was condensed from the NKJV

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